• Great work coach! Keep moulding and producing the next generation of great men and leaders in our society!– Pierreseliteperformance (Toronto Argonauts Elite Sports Performance Coach)    
  • Hi there, This is Amare’s mom from TMD Thursday sessions. I was wondering if it was possible that somehow he still either get mentoring or would he still be allowed to attend Thursday nights at Terry Fox? I believe this has changed him greatly in the few short weeks he had been enrolled and I have a testimonial coming up that I will get him to send to you guys on how it has changed him! He mentioned in the car last night that he changed because of this group. I would love for him to be able to still attend. Please let me know what some options would be for him! 

    Thank you. 

    – Mother of Student    

  • TMD is unlike any other!!! Pushing athletes to bring out their full potential on the field but also preparing them for success in life… Physically, mentally and spiritually!– Matthew St Kitts (Baseball)    
  • I am a 5th year student athlete attending Huron Heights Secondary School and I worked with TMD. Throughout the season I battled with a shoulder injury in which gave me a lot of one on one time with TMD when I was off.  TMD is an organization that doesn’t only want to see you succeed physical, but as well spiritually and mentally. I learned many nights about the importance of faith as well as things as mundane as the weather.  TMD can bring the potential out of any athlete they work with and they go the extra mile to see you achieve goals you have set for yourself.   TMD has sparked curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge in me, not just in school but through Jesus as well. TMD radiates success and growth that then touches everybody they work with. TMD held teaching work shops where we talked about life and the lessons learned that gave me something priceless, knowledge. I am honored to have been blessed with being apart of such an incredible organization who has made me into a better football player, but most of all a man. TMD has truly made me grow as person.– Tom Higgins (Football)    
  • TMD has changed my life in many ways I honestly don’t know where to start when I first joined TMD I wasn’t very athletic or big I was lazy and skinny. Then as soon as I was done my first session that’s when everything changed TMD helped me to achieve my goals even tho I only did 12 sessions my life still changed but now that my 12 sessions are up I’m not stopping there I’m gonna continue with TMD. TMD made me more athletic and helped me gain muscle and made me the person I am today if any of you are looking to change your life In sports or athletics then TMD is the place for you.– Matthew Herath (Rugby)    
  • TMD has helped me on and off the ice, after doing your training for a while now, about a year, I have improved excessively in athleticism. I’ve been able to jump higher, jump farther, run faster, run farther, and gain muscle and weight. I have gained about 35 pounds working with TMD. And all that weight has helped me be more aggressive on the ice and show my presence. Being trained by TMD is a privilege because no matter what sport you play they will make you better in every way possible.– Jacob Winsor (Hockey)    
  • TMD is an amazing organization that I would recommend to any inspired athlete. TMD doesn’t only train you to become an athlete but guides you through many obstacles and that you face off and on the field, and will put your goals before anything else!  -Tristen Muzambi (Soccer)   
  • They really believe in what they do and that Is very important in helping young men realize their full potential; therefore being who they are meant to be as they reach athletic goals.– Sola Ogunmefun (Teacher)    




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