We Are TMD

TOTAL MAN DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY (TMD Inc.) is an education and athletics organization that operates in two distinct and complementary ways:

Our personal development side of the organization is raising the standard through interactive education that is focused on empowering students athletes off the field. Education at all levels remains a top priority for their overall success and is something we take seriously. There is nothing typical about TMD and our use of professional athletes is not common or readily available. Each individual that comes to TMD gets a one-on-one consultation from knowledgeable educators where they are taken through our goal setting process. You won’t find another organization that takes game principles and applies them the way we do for success in their future on and off the field.

Sports specific programs for student athletes focuses on both the amateur and elite level development. This part of the organization was started in August of 2016 and continues to facilitate the demands of young athletes everywhere. TMD produces athletes, some of which are currently playing at the next level for the top High school, CIS universities, NCAA colleges and the MLB with more in preparation. TMD is focused on meeting the objectives of each student athlete as they define it, and is investing into their future.

Our multi sport programs for all athletes in football, basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer to name a few. Our personal in depth approach to personal development and athletics is unlike anything you will find in the North America. Our focus is on all 3 components of the developing athlete: spiritual, mental and physical. Athletes get worked from the inside out, something we have observed is different from the majority of other sports organizations. It all starts with believing in the process, focusing on the destination and putting in the work that will get you there! So Lets Go!

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