TMD Football

 TMD football is a dynamic program that is taking things to the next level. Here are some athletes that have come through our organization.

Number  Class Program Eligibility Years
Anthony Barrett #73  2010 Former Edmonton Elk RB 0
Alonzo Addae #4 2021 Ottawa Red Blacks 0

Noah McCammon #8

2022 Highschool  5
Nehemiah Tshishimbi 2022 San Marcos High  4
Number Class Program Eligibility Years

Michael Samuels JR. #24

2026 Highschool 5
James Infantino  2023 N/A N/A
Isaiah Atkins #9 2024 Highschool 4
Mason Hayhoe #23 2026 Elementary School 5

We specialize in developing athletes and work closely with them to produce the kind of caliber that teams are looking for at the next level. 


Each of our starter packages are listed below:

TMD Inc. “Freshman”  Package 12 1-hr sessions
TMD Inc. “Sophomore” Package 18 1-hr sessions
TMD Inc. “Junior” Package 24 1-hr sessions
TMD Inc.  “Senior” Package 36 1-hr sessions

Each package includes a TMD Under Armour long sleeve and shorts.




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Anthony Barrett – Running Back – CFL