TMD Envision School Programs

TMD Envision school programs provides an empowering influence to youth. The program focuses on topics ranging from masculinity, moral courage, communication/conflict resolution, resilience, leadership skills, vision and purpose. Toronto District School Board approved educators break down the barriers and gets to the root of some of the issues that affect youth. Through questions, discussion and interactive and physical activities, students will gain understanding and become better prepared for their future. 



To provide solutions to bridge the gap that students face, between what they learn and their experience; to instill skills for youth to become effective community leaders.

Athletics | Mentorship | Teaching


 a.) Students will improve their practical application skills in relation to the real world.       

b.) Students will gain understanding on their emotional intelligence and leadership skills.                                                            

c.) Students will gain vision and direction as well as knowledge on career choice.

d.) Students will gain valuable experience through interactions with caring and knowledgeable educators in their respective fields of study.

“You aren’t your college degree but you are your resume”. - TMD Inc.


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