TMD Basketball

TMD “iBALL” is yet another one of our dynamic sports programs:

  1. Youth Basketball
  2. Personal Development

Our objective:

  • To provide every athlete the opportunity to train at an elite level and to have their dreams realized.
  • To ensure a foundation of learning and excellence that will carry them past their dreams and into their purpose.
  • Emphasis on development as a major objective with resulting increases in progress and achievement: TMD provides a balanced mind/body/spirit approach to solidify growth of the person, not just winning the game.
  • Stress on high performance that translates into longer hours of practice, longer seasons, and specialization in one sport at an early age: Again, TMD’s balanced approach moves the focus to building the individual.
  • We take the game and make it your own.

Looking first to TMD “iBALL and the viability of leveraging sports for personal opportunity and development.

Each of our “iBALL” all performance packages are listed below:

  • TMD       Package | 12 1-hr sessions 
  • TMD       Package | 18 1-hr sessions
  • TMD        Package | 24 1-hr sessions 
  • TMD        Package | 36 1-hr sessions 
  • TMD        Package | 50 1-hr sessions 

Each package includes a TMD Under Armour dry fit long sleeve and shorts.

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  1. Branded player profiles: A legitimate and easily accessible platform through which scouts and connections within the basketball arena can access information and highlights about our players easily. It is no secret that, as athletes grow closer to their respective sports careers that scouts and important personnel are watching their games and wanting to know which athletes will be draft eligible. Future draft eligibility, and having digitally based profiles provides a step and edge a part.
  2. TMD brand affiliation: Athlete profiles are promoted across our social media accounts to gain more awareness of our athletes that will provide a bigger and better spot light for their team. This not only includes scouts and teams being more familiar with teams/athletes, but for other good basketball players to come train with TMD because of the advantages to having a profile.
  3. Experience: It is an awesome experience for athletes to have their own player profile with their highlights, interviews, and information that they can watch, share with their friends on social media. We aren’t just developing athletes but memories to last a lifetime.