TMD Envision🌍

TMD Envision is apart of the personal development side of our organization and functions in two ways. Our round table discussions  provide a way for athletes to connect and our speaking engagements give us the privilege to empower young men.

Athletes need a place to get real and raw. We develop with former and current – professional, college, and high school athletes on everything pertaining to sports and life. We believe that each athlete has a dream and story to tell. Our mission is to unlock potential and aid in their transitions from their given sports into life.

We build up, support, teach and challenge our guys to take on the process of developing into everything that they are supposed to be to become – contributors and game changers in society. Each Envision session is informative, challenging and dynamic which includes topics such as:

• Identity
• Sex
• Confidence
• Faith
• Honor
• Anger
• The Kingdom

Just to name a few…

Stay tuned for some loaded group discussion where iron sharpens iron.

“We don’t just develop athletes for the game but men for life.” ™