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One of the most over looked aspects of success in sport is mental. We’ve all heard the saying “Sport is 20% physical and 80% mental”, yet we spend almost all of our time training the body. At TMD we want our athletes to be prepared for the mental hurdles one must overcome to achieve success in their individual sport along with the physical.

We train athletes to learn the system” of their bodies to enhance their overall performance and production to bring out your best athlete. Breaking down the athlete’s physiology, TMD Athlete targets 4 major aspects of the developing athlete:

Power (Strength+Speed)

Agility (Quick Twitch with Ease)

Mobility (Proper Functional Mechanics)

Endurance (Aerobic Capacity)




1 on 1 programs include:

Active Start (ages 4-6)

FUNdamentals (ages 6-9)

Learn to Train (ages 9-12)

Train to Train (ages 12-16)

Train to Compete (ages 16-19)

Train to Win (ages 19-24)

FUNdamentals is just one of the many dynamic programs we offer at  TMD. It’s based around the basic premise of athletic training but with a focus on the total development as well.

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