Ezra Millington is a Native of Newmarket, Ontario Canada. Ezra did his studies at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University where he pursued a bachelor in Arts and Social Sciences. It was in his fifth years that he got the call to rookie camp in Bradenton, Florida for the Montreal Alouettes and where his development began. After a successful rookie camp tryout, he was invited to participate in the 2012 Montreal Alouettes training camp. After a two-week grind Ezra had made the 52-man roster and would go on to play 2 years for the team before lacerating his kidney and being released. It was in these times that he got a taste of what it’s like to overcome adversity and discover what he’s made of.

In 2014 Ezra was picked up by the Toronto Argonauts where he started to experience “the shift” that led him into what he is doing today. Coming onto a new team Ezra had to start from the bottom but he soon worked his way into the starting rotation by the end of the season. In this process Ezra devoted his time to learn and see how things worked and the vision of Total Man Development became birthed. Ezra noticed a need in his professional career that gave inspiration to the cause. Athletes who suffered season ending injury would get cut and the looks on their faces revealed their fears of having nothing to fall back on. The lack of development in many athletes became the purpose of Ezra to take action and create what is now called TMD.

Ezra is the founder of Total Man Development which is an organization that is meeting the needs and the dreams of student athletes on and off the field. Through mentorship athletes are taught the fundamental principles on how sports and education directly apply to their lives, and how it can be used for discovery. Our mentorship programs provide students as young as 10 the experience of discipline, adversity and focus that will prove vital to their maturation in life. Lastly, our dynamic workshops provide students the body of work required for them to compete at the next level.

Ezra considers the opportunity to serve his community as Director of Total Man Development a high honor because he identifies closely with the adversities students and athletes will face in their sport and in life. Ezra will continue to inspire young minds to leave a legacy that is bigger than themselves.