7 on 7 Football

“SET, HUT!!”

Welcome to the home of TEAMTMD!! We are excited to announce that our 7 on 7 football team is now official. TEAMTMD prides itself on hard work, competitive play, character and team work. 7 on 7 football is an essential part of players skill development as it provides all the necessary intangibles for sport performance training.

Check out the team every Thursday night at the Ultra Sports Center located at 1510 Birchmount RD, Scarborough, Ontario.


We will be giving 10% off for TEAMTMD 7 on 7 athletes for any one of our 1 on 1 training programs.

If you are looking to become apart of the team please contact us!




“What an amazing showing by QB Don Schram and Captain Ezra Millington. The “B” Final was an epic match up with 6-Side Tide. Even team captain for the Tide Adrian Dobbs was impressed with the respect TMD showed. The fans watched a thrilling overtime win as well.

Looks like another team for the ages has been born.” – KEVIN DAWKINS